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Borate Boron-based wood treatment products protect wood from termites and other wood boring insects. These products can be used on unfinished wood before construction as a preventative measure or on wood after an infestation has occurred to eliminate pests.

We supply treated boards, structural and joinery timber cut to size and Boron based treatments for Site application.


Joist destroyed by Termites

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Why are Termites and wood borers such a problem

In many parts of the world structures containing untreated wood face the constant threat of attack from subterranean termites and other wood-damaging insects such as carpenter ants and wood boring beetles. Able to go undetected for years, these pests can navigate through wood in all types of structures and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.


Large beam eaten by Termites

Why use Borates for the prevention of Termite and Wood Borer damage

Applied during the construction process, borate D.O.T. wood preservative protects all wood and wood composite materials. The treatment does not stain or discolor wood or make the material more difficult to handle. Anti Termite treatments using Timbor are mainly used in vulnerable areas like roof rafters, 'A' Truss Frames, floor joists, wall plates, and floor beams. Boron based treatments prevent wood boring insects from reaching the untreated interior wood.

Compounds of Boron, chemically known as Borates, have been mined since the 1800s and have been used to control insect pests for over 100 years.

Boron was discovered in the USA in the late 1800's and first mined by Francis M 'Borax' Smith in 1872 as the crystalline material 'tincal', which contains about 50% borate.


Termite tunnels

Purified and sold throughout the world in vast quantities as Tim-bor Professional, it poses a low risk to the environment, especially when compared with other current pesticides, particularly because of its lower toxicity to fish. Now backed by more than 100 years of research and development, it is manufactured in the USA by Rio Tinto Borax, based in Valencia, California.

By the 1940s Borate formulations were being used to protect wood. Because they are water soluble, Borates diffuse into wood using the wood's own moisture (even 'air dry' timber has a moisture content of 12-15%) and they protect against woodworm, Death Watch beetle, House Longhorn beetle, Termites, Carpenter ants and fungi, including Dry rot.

For well over 60 years Borates have been in successful use in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Borates are used in dusting, foaming, spraying, brushing and pressure treatment applications. Other major uses include: glass production, detergent preparations, enamel and ceramic glazes.

Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate - an Inorganic compound

Known worldwide as DOT, 'Timbor' and 'Polybor'

Triple action - insecticide, fungicide, mouldicide

Multi surface - timber, masonry, sub site

Introduction to Boron Use

Borons are fungicidal and insecticidal treatments manufactured from Inorganic Compounds of the Element Boron.

They prevent insect attack and eradicate Termites, Insects, Rots and Molds in timber, being mobile even in dry timber.

They provide permanent protection, as the active ingredient does not evaporate or break down with age, as do other chemicals.

Worldwide reputation

Over 50 years of successful use in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Used in dusting, foaming, spraying, brushing and pressure treatment applications. Other major uses include: glass production, detergent preparations, enamel and ceramic glazes.

High penetration

Even when applied in its most basic form, as a solution (up to 12.5% active) in water, Borates penetrate a minimum of 2-3 mm in 'DRY' timber and more, depending on the moisture content of the timber. In conjunction with Glycols, as gels and pastes (in concentrations of up to 50%) penetration increases dramatically. These more expensive products are designed for situations where deep seated decay requires high below-surface concentration of the active ingredient. This is not required, or desirable for normal Common furniture beetle spraying.

Durability of wood underground

Boron remains inert in the timber, providing protection long enough for Railtrack to have specified it for Railway Sleeper protection and Scottish and Southern to have specified Boron rods for the preservation of their electricity transmission poles.

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