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BORON IN WATER - treatment for Insect, Wet and Dry Rot attack

BORON ULTRA 12 - Surface Treatment of Woodworm and Dry Rot - wood treatment

A unique Boron based Borax powder concentrate, ready to dissolve in water, designed to treat timber by brush, spray or dipping. It avoids the hazard problems of many liquid insecticides by using only water as a carrier. It can also be used in most wood preservation situations to replace other less ‘friendly’ contact type insecticides, including Permethrin. The Boron powder is dissolved in water to treat Woodworm at 5% (BAE) for the following coverages, based on applying two coats by brush, or low pressure sprayer:

Supplied as a powder:

Small Powder Pack - 0.5kg of powder dissolves in 12.5 litres of water, to make a 5% solution, treats 25 square metres - for one small domestic room.

Medium Powder Pack - 1 kg of powder dissolves in 25 litres of water, to make a 5% solution, treats 50 square metres - for two domestic rooms, or a small roof.

Large Powder Pack - 2.5 kgs of powder dissolves in 62.5 litres of water, to make a 5% solution, treats 125 square metres - for a complete semi detached house.

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Supplied as a liquid:

Small, Ready to Use - 5 litres already dissolved at 5% in water, treats 10 square metres - for a small room (e.g. bathroom, toilet, hall)

Large, Ready to Use - 25 litres already dissolved at 5% in water, treats 50 square metres - for two domestic rooms, or a small roof.

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Typical consumption rates - allow 4 square metres per litre, apply two coats by brush or coarse droplet, low pressure spray.

How many litres will you need - click for more information about typical consumption rates in buildings.

Always follow the instructions on the product label, wear a dust mask when mixing and check with us before purchasing to ensure that you are buying the correct product.

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Boron Ultra 12 0.5kgs

Boron Ultra 12 1 kgs

Boron Ultra 12 2.5 kgs

Small powder pack - 0.5kg. Medium powder pack - 1.0kg. Large powder pack - 2.5kgs.

Boron Powder is diluted at 5% (Amateur DIY use) - 12.5% (Professional use) depending on the use required - woodworm or rots.

Ready to Use Option - 5 litres, 10 litres or 25 litres of Boron Ultra 12 at 5% and 10% - already dissolved in water, for severe common furniture beetle attack and Dry Rot, both timber treatment and irrigation of masonry & sub-site soil.

Powder is also available in 2.5kg packs - makes 62.5 litres for Woodworm Treatment or 25 litres for Dry Rot and Death Watch Beetle Treatments.

Boron in Water Accessories

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Pump up sprayer 5 litres

Pump up sprayer 5 litre

Professional Knapsack Sprayer 12 litre

12 litre Heavy Duty Knapsack Sprayer

Typical consumption rates - 2 timber floors, terraced house - 25 litres, or a roof, terraced house - 50 litres

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Benefits of Boron in water timber and masonry treatments

* Boron has a world-wide safety reputation - Boron in water at 5% still require no hazard warnings

* Boron in water has low toxicity - about the same as diluted Table Salt

* Boron in water based preservative kills only wood boring insects - not spiders, birds or bats

* Boron in water has no odour - leaves no smell

* Boron does not evaporate - it stays in the wood

* Boron Ultra 12 in water has a 1 hour re-entry time - the lowest for any insecticide

* Borons are non-flammable - they actually act as Flame Retardants

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Boron in Water Technical Support

All Boron in water products are supported with Method Statements, Specifications and comprehensive technical support. Please ask for our technical department. Contact us aT: 01626 872886 or

Boron in Water Certificate of Product Guarantee

We offer a printed Certificate of Product Guarantee for Boron in Water for individual addresses, should you require one for your Bank, Building Society or house purchaser.

Call us for details on 01626 872886 .


See our Technical Information page for Product Safety Information. The Boron based product, Boron Ultra 12, used for Woodworm Treatment diluted in water at 5% BAE is fully Licensed by the HSE and is not required to carry any hazard warning labels.

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