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BORON GELS, PASTES AND LIQUIDS - Boron based treatments carried in Glycol for penetration and diffusion in dry and damp timber

Boron Gels

A two product range of 5% and 20% active clear Gels in three pot sizes. The glycol content makes Boron Ultra Gel ideal for end grain and bearing area treatment of wooden beams and joists. Boron Gel is also useful for medium to heavy active infestations of insect attack in wood and treatment of new timbers for use in vulnerable and damp areas (e.g. skirting boards).

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Boron Gel for brushingBoron Gel is clear and odour freeBrush Boron gel onto vulnerable wood

Boron Ultra Gel in three sizes - 500cc, 1 litre and 2 litres - no odour, easy to brush.

Boron Pastes

Unique Boron Pastes in 5% and 40% blends of technical grade glycols. These Boron Pastes can be injected into timber, and they will spread inside the wood even at low moisture content levels. They are easy to apply with a standard skeleton gun and more effective to use because of the higher available level of active Boron content, which means that you can use smaller diameter (8mm, rather than 10mm) drill holes.

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Inject Boron Paste using a skeleton gun

Boron Paste in a mastic tube, with an extension adapter nozzle. For injection into wood to kill rot and insects.

Usage rate - use our chart of hole spacing for various timber sizes as a guide, or call us on 01626 872886 and we'll calculate your exact requirements. (Hole Spacing Guide - click here to download)

Boron Liquids - Boracols

These are Boron based, using the same active ingredient, but with technical grade glycols in liquid form and they are called Boracols. The Boracol liquids are available in 5%, 10% and 20% forms, for use where water alone, as the carrier, is considered insufficiently penetrating or possibly damaging - for example, in treating Yacht Decks, expensive hardwood flooring or skirting boards or in situations where water could be a hazard - say inside an Electrical Generator Room or a Telephone Exchange.

The most popular example is Boracol 10RH, which has been specified by a major Yacht Manufacturer, Hallberg Rassey, for many years as the best way of preserving its expensive Teak Decks.

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Boracol 10RH for treating  decks and house timbers where molds, slimes and rot are a problem

Boracol 10RH - for mold, slime and rot.

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Benefits of Boron in Glycol treatments

Boron dissolves in Glycol to carry a higher percentage of active Boron than is possible in water, for treatment at depth

Boron in Glycol penetrates both dry and damp wood and masonry better than water, to reach problems inside wood

Glycols give good brushing and injection characteristics

The Glycol leaves no smell, like the Boron

Glycol does not evaporate - it stays in the wood

Glycol loves mixing with water, so it seeks the most vulnerable parts of the wood

The Glycol is non-flammable, like the Boron component

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Boron in Glycol Technical Support

All Boron in Glycol products are supported with Method Statements, Specifications and comprehensive technical support. Please ask for our technical department. Contact us aT: 01626 872886 or

Usage rate - use our chart of hole spacing for various timber sizes as a guide, or call us on 01626 872886 and we'll calculate your exact requirements. (Hole Spacing Guide - click here to download)

Boron in Glycol Certificate of Product Guarantee

We offer a printed Certificate of Boron Glycol Product Guarantee for individual properties, should you require one for your Bank, Building Society or house purchaser.

Call us for details on 01626 872886 .

Boron in Glycol Safety

See our Technical Information page for Product Safety Information. The Boron Glycols are fully Licensed by the HSE and are not required to carry any hazard warning labels, other than regarding the ingestion of Boron by eating for pregnancy women..

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