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Solid sticks of Boron for wood treatment

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BORON RODS - the rods dissolve inside damp wood to kill and prevent Insect, Wet Rot and Dry Rot attack

'Boron Rods' are part of a range of Boron based preservatives and are often used inside wood together with Boron Paste, because these two products dissolve at different rates according to moisture content.

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BORON RODS - solid rods for embedding dissolving Boron inside holes in wood

These high strength solid Boron rods are used to protect timbers which are constantly or occasionally damp: external joinery, wall plates, embedded beam ends, posts etc. They can also be used in conjunction with BORON ULTRA 78 paste, to act as a long term reservoir (Standard Boron Rod Sizes - 8mm x 24mm and 8mm x 65mm).

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Injection  of Boron Ultra 78 Paste into damp wood to kill rotBoron rods for insertion into damp woodBoron Rod window frame  insertion diagramCross sectional drawing of Boron Rods inserted into a joist end embedded in a damp wall

Injecting Boron Ultra 78 Paste. Packets of 10 Boron Rods in 8mm diameter. Example of insertion in a window frame and a joist.

BORON ULTRA 78 PASTE - companion product to be injected inside holes in wood

A unique 5% and 40% paste using a special blend of technical grade glycols as carriers. It can be injected into timber, with the advantage of supplying a highly concentrated mobile preservative which will spread even at low moisture content levels. Simple to apply with a standard skeleton gun; more effective to use because of the higher available level of active content, which allows the use of smaller (8mm, rather than 10mm) and/or fewer drill holes.

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Boron Paste for injection Inject Boron Paste using a skeleton gun

Boron Paste in a mastic tube, with an extension adapter nozzle. For injection into wood to kill rot and insects.

Benefits of Boron Rods and Boron Pastes as part of a wood preservation job

  • No hazard warnings for normal use
  • Have ultra low toxicity - about the same as Table Salt
  • Kill only wood boring insects and rots - not spiders, birds or bats
  • Have no odour - they leave no smell behind
  • Do not evaporate - the rods dissolve slowly in the wood
  • Are non-flammable - the Boron oxide that they produce as they dissolve is actually a Flame Retardant

Optional Boron Rod Products:

Angled Plugs for Posts and Poles

Augers for drilling 10mm or 13mm holes

Puffer Pump for blowing wood dust out of holes

Boron Rod Technical Support

All Boron products are supported with Method Statements, Specifications and comprehensive technical support. Please ask for our technical department. Contact us at: 01626 331351 or

Boron Rod Certificate of Product Guarantee

We offer a printed Certificate of Product Guarantee for Boron Rods for individual Property addresses, should you require one for your Bank, Building Society or a house purchaser.

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Boron Rod Safety

See our Technical Information page for Boron Product Safety Information. The Boron based Rod is fully Licensed by the HSE and is not hazardous, unless eaten.

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